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 Spotless - Care Labelling

Care labelling - the clothing guide specifies standards based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) 1957: 1998, - with variations and additions made by Consumer Protection Notice No 25 of 2010.

In Australia, in association with the ACCC, care instructions must be permanently attached to articles, must be written in English and must be appropriate for the care of the article.

Additional symbols may be used to clarify the instructions

but symbols alone are not sufficient. 

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Drycleaning Institute of Australia



SUBIACO is a member of the 

Dia Logo

The DIA is a great source of reference for its members and the public.  It is an authoritative source for both parties regarding consumer information and queries regarding the industry.

The Institute sets out professional standards amongst it members thus ensuring a satisfying experience for all dry cleaning members and their customers.,

To help us protect your cherished garments and household linen, please take note of the label so you also know how it should be cleaned - note any missing buttons, adornments, broken zippers or any stitching that may have come undone.


Clothing Symbols

As a minimum, laundering/cleaning instructions include (in order) FOUR symbols: Washing: Bleaching: Drying: Ironing

Dry-cleaning instructions include one symbol

Professional Wet Cleaning symbol are included for information only - they are not currently recognized in Australia.